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“Report to Boss” Stand-Up Anti-Pattern

When the stand-up meeting is just a moment to report the work to the boss.

Teams that are moving from a non-agile way of work to an agile way are under risk of bringing bad habits to the new world. One common flaw is the ‘Report to Boss’ standup.

How I Found a Job in Sydney

Seven components of my seek for work in Aussieland.

In the last months I have answered the same recurring question:

How did you find a job in Sydney?

This post is a attempt to have a guide to point to describing some components of my journey to Sydney.

My Email Policy

When I was working for Atos, the company’s CEO started a zero email initiative. His aim was for the employees not to use email for internal communications. I remembered what I thought about it: “It’s impossible”. Now I believe that he was right. This post explains how I deal with my professional email inbox.

How to Learn Vim

This is a collection of adivces regards how to learn Vim. I collected this advices part during my learning process, part hearing|reading from my colleagues. I do believe that anyone can learning, or even master, vim though these advices.

2015: Year’s Resolutions

These are my new year’s resolutions:

  • Run a 5k race
  • Read 12 tech books (1 by month in avg)
  • Move close to work (20~40 minutes of daily commute)
  • Get back to play/sing

Euler’s Journey Problem 1

So I decided to start a project where I gonna implement the same problem in many languages. I always wanted to compare how different programming languages face some coding challenges. I don’t want to prove that any language is better than other, althought I know that this kind of flame will happen. To have a organized list of problems I gonna use the Project Euler problems.